About couch7

couch7 connect christians with each other - hosts and guests, travelers and locals. We help each other – even if that means to offer a couch for one night, or a tour through the city.


The idea for couch7 emerged in 2010. Andreas and his wife planned a tour of the United States. The trip was supposed to start in New York City, and a visit to the Hillsong Church in NYC was definitely planned. "How cool would it be," Andrew thought to himself, "if one had contact with someone from the church..." This person could introduce you to people in the community, give you insider tips of the city and maybe even offer a place to stay. One would be right in the middle of the action – not just a tourist in a foreign city.

Inspired by couchsurfing.org he had the idea, to offer his own, worldwide accommodations platform for Christians. This way you could meet people from different communities and have direct contact with them. It would not only save a lot of money for accommodations, but at the same time one would get to know cool people and cultures.

This idea excited Andreas, and he told it to his friends Dennis and Thorsten. They also loved the concept, and so they began to pool the first ideas for such an accommodation platform. Due to other projects and extended stays in foreign countries, the project was quickly forgotten and pushed further and further back.

In the beginning auf 2013 the wait was finally over – Thorsten and Dennis began programming the project. Andreas worked on the design and started the first promotional activities. The idea was well received by the public and magazines, online magazines and radio stations reported about couch7. Many were interested, when the first dedicated website went online and pre-registered to be notified, when the accommodation platform would be ready.

After over a year of development, couch7 finally went online in March 2014.

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Was uns wichtig ist

couch7 basiert auf einer gegenseitigen Vertrauensbasis. Damit sich Gastgeber und Gäste wohlfühlen, sollten einige Regeln beachtet werden. Lerne was uns wichtig ist.

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Die Gründer von couch7

Gegründet wurde couch7 im Jahre 2013 von den drei Freunden Andreas Fritz, Thorsten Friesen und Dennis Wall. Erfahre hier mehr über die drei Gründer.

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So finanziert sich couch7

Das Ziel von couch7 ist es, Christen aus der ganzen Welt zusammenbringen. Dadurch enstehen Kosten, die finanziert werden müssen. Erfahre hier, wie wir das machen.

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